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Types of Fleas and Signs of Infested pets

Fleas are small parasites that survive on consuming blood of mammals and birds that they manage to attack. Fleas are very small insects on mammals with adults being about 3mm long and are flightless. There is a wide variety of fleas all over the world hence they are not all of the same type. A common type of flea is cat flea which commonly attacks cats but it can also be found on dos and other animals including human beings. Their favorite spot in the house is often the carpet but it’s possible to find them at any other place in the house. There is a type of flea that finds it habitation on humans and it’s known as human flea. The areas most prone to human fleas are the underarms and the head since they can hide and stick on the hair. The best way to avoid and eliminate the human fleas is to observe a strict hygiene. Chicken fleas is also a common type of flea and as the name suggests they are usually found on chicken. Commonly this type of fleas will bury their heads in the skin of chicken near the head or face. Chicken fleas appear like black heads on the face or head of chickens but a keen look will tell you it’s actually chicken fleas. A type of flea that feeds on organic matter and referred to as sand flea can attach itself on pets and feed on blood. This means that pets are the suitable way for sand fleas to find their way to your home.

There is a type of flea that is common to almost any animal from cats, dogs, birds and even human beings and are referred to as sticktight fleas. Once a sticktight flea has attached itself on the skin of its host it is quite hard to remove it. Springtail is a type of flea that attacks animals only on conditions of dampness and skin infection since it thrives in damp areas. There are various signs that could inform you that your pet is infested by fleas. Combing your cat with a fine -toothed flea comb from head to tail once or twice a day can help to know if your cat is infested. Apart from letting know if your cat has fleas, combing would skim them off. Fleas can cause cats to scratch her skin or even seem restless. By giving your pets quality flea products, you can ensure they stay flea-free. The host can suffer from anemia in time since fleas are capable of consuming about 15times their own body weight in blood.

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